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High Quality Food Preservatives Benzoic Acid E210

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High Quality Food Preservatives Benzoic Acid E210

Brand Name : GY

Model Number : GY-210

Certification : ISO9001

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 1 Ton

Price : USD3/KGS

Payment Terms : L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability : 3000mt/Year

Packaging Details : 25kgs/Paper Bag

Effect : Antiseptic

Type : Food Preservative

Purity : 95%, 99.5%, 95% Min

Grade Standard : Industrial Grade, Feed Grade

Other Names : Phenylformic Acid

Melting Point : 123

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Ingredient:Carboxyl connected directly with the benzene ring of carbon atoms of the simplest aromatic acid.Molecular formula C6H5COOH.Also called benzoic acid.In the form of free acid, ester or its derivatives It exists in nature, for example, within the benzoin glue exist in the form of free acid and benzyl ester;In some of the leaves and stems of plants in the skin in the form of free;In the essential oil in the form of methyl or benzyl ester;With its derivatives hippuric acid in horse urine.
Chinese name: benzoic acid
English name: benzoic acid
Chinese name 2: benzoic acid
English name: 2 carboxybenzene
CASNo. : 65-85-0
EINECS no. : 200-618-2
InChI code: InChI = 1 / C7H6O2 / c8-7 'levies the 6-4-2-6-4-2-6 / h1-5 H, (H, 8, 9)
Molecular formula: C7H6O2
Molecular weight: 122.1214
Structure of short form: C6H5 - COOH benzene rings (-cooh) group -
Main ingredients: single product
Appearance and properties: scaly or needle crystal, with benzene and formaldehyde smell.
Acidic: in water dissociation constant Ka = 6.4 x 10 (25 ºC)
Standard molar enthalpy of combustion (100 kpa, 298.15 K) : 3226.9 kJ/mol
Constant volume combustion heat: 26.0460 kJ/g
Solubility in water: 0.21 g (17.5 ºC), (25 ºC) 0.35 g and 0.35 g (75 ºC) (80 ºC), 2.7 g and 2.7 g (100 ºC).

Chemical property:About microbial toxicity, but its sodium salt of toxicity is very low.Through the mouth of rat LD50:1700 mg/kg.Oral below 0.5 g per day, the body and non-toxic, even use no more than 4 g nor damage to health.In the human body and animal tissues can combined with proteins of glycine and detoxification, hippuric acid.

1, used in medicine, dye carriers, plasticizer, spices, and food preservatives and other production, also used in alkyd resin coating performance improvements
2, it is mainly used for antifungal and disinfection antiseptic
3, used as chemical reagent and preservatives
4 set incense, usually used as agent or preservatives.Insurance agent is also used as a fruit drink.Can be used as a cream with the sweet sweet.Can also be used for chocolate, lemon, orange, berries, nuts, candied fruit flavours.Also commonly used in cigarette flavoring.
5, preservatives;Antimicrobial agent.
6, benzoic acid is an important type acid food preservatives.Under acid condition, the fungus, yeast and bacteria have inhibition, but less effect on bacteria produce acid.Bacteriostasis of the optimal pH value of 2.5 ~ 2.5, is lower than pH 4.5 ~ 5.0.In the food industry with plastic barrels of concentrated fruit and vegetable juice, the maximum amount not exceeding 2.0 g/kg;In jam (not including cans), fruit juice beverage (taste), soy sauce, vinegar, the largest use of 1.0 g/kg;The biggest usage in jelly, wine, fruit wine, 0.8 g/kg;At low salt pickles, jam, candied fruit, the maximum amount of 0.5 g/kg;The biggest usage in carbonated drinks, 0.2 g/kg.With benzoic acid slightly soluble in water, available when using a small amount of ethanol to dissolve it.
7, benzoic acid is an important type of feed preservatives.Under acid condition, bacteriostatic optimum PH 2.5 4.0, is lower than PH4.5-5.0.

Application area:Used in medicine, dye carriers, plasticizer, spices, and food preservatives and other production, also used in alkyd resin coating performance improvements

Preparation:Benzoic acid was first made by benzoin glue dry distillation or alkaline hydrolysis, also can be made of hippuric acid hydrolysis.Industry is benzoic acid in the presence of cobalt, manganese catalyst by air oxidation of toluene.Water or by phthalic anhydride, decarboxylation.
Potassium permanganate method a toluene + + water + potassium hydroxide, potassium benzoate + manganese dioxide + water (the water is in front of benzoic acid reaction environment) drugs and dosage: toluene 1.5 g (1.7 ml, 1.7 mol), potassium permanganate, 5 g (0.032 mol), hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide operation process: 0.1 g with 100 ml round bottom flask.The backflow devices.To the reaction bottle, respectively, add 5 g potassium permanganate, 0.1 g hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide, 1.7 ml toluene and 50 ml of water, stir heating boiling (vigorous stirring, violent boiling), maintain smooth reactants solution boiling.When a large number of brown precipitate generated, potassium permanganate purple becomes shallow or disappear, toluene layer disappears, basic end of reaction.Filter out manganese dioxide precipitate, the filtrate acid acidification, with thick salt precipitation benzoic acid precipitation, the suction filter crude product.The coarse product water recrystallization.In a boiling water bath drying, weighing, measuring its melting point.
Method 2 benzoic acid potassium + concentrated hydrochloric acid, benzoic acid.

Pharmaceutical analysis:
Method name: benzoic acid API - determination of benzoic acid neutralization titration
Application: apply the methods using titration method to determine benzoic acid content of benzoic acid in API.
This method is applicable to benzoic acid active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Method principle: test samples and neutral dilute ethanol (indicates a show neuter liquid) on the phenolphthalein dissolves, add phenolphthalein indicating liquid, with sodium hydroxide titration droplets, and the titration results With blank test correction, according to the titrant usage, calculate the content of benzoic acid.
Reagents: 1. Neutral dilute ethanol (to phenolphthalein indicator show neuter liquid) 2. Sodium hydroxide titration fluid (0.1 mol/L) 3. Phenolphthalein indicating liquid the benchmark potassium hydrogen phthalate

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