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High Quality Food Preservatives Calcium Propionate E282

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High Quality Food Preservatives Calcium Propionate E282

Brand Name : GY

Model Number : GY-P1

Certification : iso9001

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 1 Ton

Price : USD 1.2/KGS

Payment Terms : L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability : 10000mt/Years

Packaging Details : 25kg/Bag

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Properties and performance:
Calcium propionate is white crystal or white crystalline powder or granule, odourless or microstrip propionic acid odor.Used as food additive calcium propionate as salt monohydrate, for water and thermal stability, has the water absorbability, soluble in water, l0 of 39.9 g/mL (20 ºC), insoluble in ethanol, ether.In 10% of the calcium propionate aqueous solution to add the same amount of dilute sulphuric acid, heating can release the special scent of propionic acid.Calcium propionate alkaline, 10% of its water solution pH value of 8 ~ 10.Anticorrosion performance of calcium propionate and sodium propionate, same form propionic acid in acid medium and bacteriostasis.The effective dose of calcium propionate inhibitory relatively sodium propionate is small, but it can reduce the effect of chemical leavening agent, substitutes sodium propionate, however, its advantage lies in the pastry, bread and cheese in the use of calcium in calcium propionate can supplement food Lei.Calcium propionate can inhibit the dough fermentation bacillus subtilis breeding, pH value of 5.0 minimum bacteriostatic mass fraction is 0.01%, when the pH value of 5.8 to 0.188%, the optimum pH value should be lower than 5.5.

By adding 1%, 3% and 6% calcium propionate feed rats with 180 d, body quality is control group increased, the blood, guts, no change.Calcium propionate rat oral LD50 of 3.34 g/kg.ADI does not make the restrictive provisions.

Used for bread;Pastry and cheese preservation agent and feed mould inhibitor.As a food preservative agent of propionic acid salt, calcium propionate is mainly used in bread, because the ph of the sodium propionate make bread rise, delay the fermentation;Because the pastry multi-purpose sodium propionate, pastry bulk using composite leavening agent, no pH rise developmental problems caused by yeast.As a feed preservation agent, the effect of sodium propionate is better than that of calcium propionate.But stable than sodium propionate calcium propionate.Propionic acid salt in food except for bread;Pastry.Cheese thereof, can also be used for soy sauce mouldproof, inhibition of fermentation.In medicine, propionate can be made into powder;Solution and ointment treatment of skin disease caused by parasitic fungus.Ointment (liquid) containing 12.3% sodium propionate, powder containing 15% calcium propionate.
By propionic acid and calcium hydroxide or calcium carbonate reaction was: industry generally with calcium hydroxide as raw materials, in the heart of the reaction pot into calcium hydroxide slurry, join the propionic acid, reaction temperature 70-70 ºC, the reaction of 2-3 hours, the reaction end point control the pH 7-8.The response filtering material;Drying for a quick finished products.

(1)Take 5 ml the sample solution (1 + 0) and 5 ml dilute sulphuric acid (1 + 9) hot, have a special release of propionic acid smell.
(2) using the hydrochloric acid after wet platinum touched take sample, in the colorless flame red, brick red color.

Calcium propionate is a new kind of food additive, is one of the world health organization (WHO) and the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) approved the use of safe and reliable food and feed mould inhibitor.Calcium propionate on mold, yeast and bacteria has broad antibacterial effect.
1. Calcium propionate can be used as a food and feed mould inhibitor, preservative agent for bread and cakes.Calcium propionate is easy to be mixed with flour evenly, as a fresh preservatives can provide essential calcium again at the same time, have the effect of fortified foods.
2. Calcium propionate produce viscose silk material to mold and can cause the bread of aerobic has inhibitory effect on bacillus, no inhibitory effect on yeast.
3. In the starch, protein and fat material for mold, aerobic bacteria and gram-negative bacteria, spores produced effectively such as aflatoxin, has a unique mouldproof, anti-corrosion properties.
4. Is made, feed, food and aspects of a new type of TCM with safety, high efficiency, broad spectrum of food and feed mould inhibitor.
5. Calcium propionate as feed additives can effectively inhibit feed mildew, extended shelf life, feed if cooperate with other inorganic salt can increase the appetite of livestock, increase milk production in cows.Calcium propionate volatile small, high temperature resistant, animals, good adaptability, suitable for a variety of feed use.
6. Calcium propionate is also can be used as toothpaste, cosmetics additives, good antiseptic effect.
7. A new type of feed additives, mainly used as mould inhibitor, which can lengthen the freshness of the feed.On the mold, aerobic bud bacteria and gram-negative bacteria has good anti out effect, also can inhibit the production of aflatoxin, and harmless to yeast, harmless to human and animal, non-toxic side effects.Also can be used as a food preservative.Calcium propionate chemical safety manual (MSDS)

Storage:Store in a cool, dry place.Store in an airtight container.

Dispose:Thoroughly clean after operation.Wash your hands before eating.Use with adequate ventilation conditions.Reduce dust generation and accumulation.Avoid contact with skin and eyes.Avoid eating and breathing.

(1) using a leavening agent unfavorable use calcium propionate, because can be reduced due to the formation of calcium carbonate's ability to produce carbon dioxide.
(2) for calcium propionate acid type preservatives, within the scope of the acid works: pH5 to mold inhibitory effect best, below pH6 bacteriostatic ability decreased obviously.

Content(on dry base)≥99
PH value of aqueous solution7-9
Water insoluble≤0.15
Free acid≤0.11
Free base≤0.06
Heavy metal≤0.001

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