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Sorbic Acid/Efficient and Safe Anti-Corrosive Antistaling Agent E200

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Sorbic Acid/Efficient and Safe Anti-Corrosive Antistaling Agent E200

Brand Name : GY

Model Number : GY-S

Certification : ISO9001

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 1Ton

Price : USD 3/KGS

Payment Terms : L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability : 10000mt/Years

Packaging Details : 25kgs/Paper Bag

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Product Name:Dienoic acids,Sorbistat.
The relative molecular weight or atomic weight:112.13
Melting point(ºC):132~135
Boiling point(ºC):228
Flash point(ºC):127
Character:Crystal white acicular or powder

Dissolve situation:Slightly soluble in water, soluble in many organic solvents

Application:The yeast, mold, and many fungi has inhibitory effect.Is efficient non-toxic anticorrosive mould inhibitor.Used for human food, animal feed, cosmetics, medicine, packaging materials and rubber additives, etc.
Preparation or source:Generated by crotonaldehyde and ketene condensation, polyester, and decomposition.
Brief introduction:In the western developed countries are very big, but range is not widely used in China.Recognized as a kind of safe and efficient anti-corrosion of food additives, the application of sorbic acid and potassium in the food industry in our country will become more and more widely.White or yellowish white crystalline powder;Have a special foul-smelling.It is easily dissolved in ethanol, dissolve in ether, slightly dissolve in the water.When we buy packaged or canned food, ingredients in a often see "sorbic acid" or "potassium sorbate", people often mistakenly believe that may be the fruit of "pear" ingredients.In fact they are commonly used food additives!

Dosage is introduced:
Sorbic acid have sorbic acid, potassium sorbate and sorbic acid calcium three varieties.Sorbic acid insoluble in water, when using, must first be soluble in ethanol or potassium hydrogen sulfate, when use not convenient and stimulating, so the general not commonly used;Sorbic acid calcium FAO/WHO rules the use scope is small, so don't often use;Potassium sorbate is not their faults, soluble in water, using range is wide, we can often see in some drinks, dried fruit, such as canned food its shadow;Here I focus on introduce potassium sorbate: it is unsaturated six carbonate;General sale on the market of potassium sorbate is white or light yellow granular, content from 98% to 98%;No odor, or micro smelly, easy to moisture absorption, easy to oxidation and browns, optical, thermal stability, relative density 1.36, melting point 270 ºC in the decomposition, a 1% solution of PH: 7-8.Potassium sorbate as acidic preservative, has high antibacterial properties, inhibit the growth of mold;It is mainly by inhibiting microbial dehydrogenation enzyme system in the body, so as to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and anti-corrosion effect, are inhibition of bacteria, mold and yeast;Its effect weakened with the increase of PH, PH reaches 3 bacteriostatic peaked, PH reaches 6 still have antibacterial ability, but the bottom concentration (MIC) not below 0.2%, experimental proof PH: 3.2 than PH2.4 potassium sorbate solution impregnation, without the sterilization of the 2-4 times shorter shelf life of food.
Sorbic acid, potassium sorbate and sorbic acid calcium they three mechanism, toxicity and neper gold than benzoic acid esters, daily allowances is 25 mg/Kg, benzoic acid 5 times, 2.5 times of neper gold ester is a kind of relatively safe food preservatives;In our country can be used in the soy sauce, vinegar, pasta sauce, jam, pickles, canned and some wine and other food.

Main feature:
1. Mouldproof effect is good.Mildew proof ability of sorbic acid and potassium was obviously higher than that of benzoic acid and salts, sorbic acid potassium mouldproof effect is 5 to 10 times that of sodium benzoate.Sorbic acid dosage generally between 0.2 to 1.0 g/kg.
2. The product low toxicity and high safety.The side effects of sorbic acid salt is only 1/4 of benzoic acid salt, salt 1/2.Sorbic acid and potassium in the body of the scope of safe use: use no more than 25 milligrams per kilogram of body weight every day.
3. Don't change characteristics of food.Sorbic acid is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid, after entering the human body, participate in the process of human metabolism, metabolic product of carbon dioxide and water.So, sorbic acid can be regarded as a part of the food, application in food, do not destroy food color, aroma, taste and nutrition.
4. Wide range of applications.Sorbic acid and potassium can be used in the beverage, wine, condiment, meat product, aquatic products, pickles and so on the many kinds of food, and also have the effect to fresh fruit.
5. Easy to use.In the use of sorbic acid and potassium can be added directly, also can spray or dipping.Because it has the characteristics of the use of flexible, so, the United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao), the world health organization, the United States, Britain, Japan and China, southeast Asia countries, sorbic acid and potassium is recommended as the anti-corrosive antistaling agent a variety of food.

Key Indicators:
The quality of sorbic acid:Should comply with the GB1905-20 technical requirements.Products exported to Europe and the United States developed countries, but also at the same time up to the standards of FC IV, etc.
1. The color and appearance: white crystalline powder.
2. The melting point: 132-135 ºC.
3. The content (dry basis) : 99.0% 101.0%.
4. The ignition residue: 0.2% or less.
5. Heavy metals (Pb) : 0.001% or less.
6. Arsenic to As dozen: 0.0002% or less.
7. Water: 0.5% or less.
8. Storage: store in a cool and dry place, avoid light, together with poisonous and harmful materials storage is prohibited.

Matters needing attention:
(1)Sorbic acid only through cell walls into the microbe can play a role, bacteriostatic activity of molecular states than ionic state.When the solution pH is less than 4, strong antimicrobial activity, and a pH greater than 6, bacteriostatic activity.
(2) mixture of sorbic acid and hydrogen peroxide solution, antimicrobial activity will be significantly enhanced.
(3) the sorbic acid mainly on mold, yeast and good gas corruption effectively, and almost had no effect on anaerobic bacteria and lactic acid bacteria.Sorbic acid in high microbial Numbers of cases play a role, so it is applicable only to have good health condition and microbial quantity lower food antiseptic.
(4) the preservatives sorbic acid as acid type, its effect is influenced by pH value.But it has weak acid, acid is suitable for wide pH range from benzoic acid.When sorbic acid solution, but first the sorbic acid dissolved in ethanol, sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate solution, then add to the food.Don't use dissolved copper, iron container.
(5) the sorbic acid is used to need heating products, to prevent sorbic acid heating volatilization, should be added in the latter period of the heating process.

Application example:
1. The application of sorbic acid in alcohol and drink.
(1) in the add 200-300 mg per liter of alcohol food potassium sorbate and 20 to 40 mg sulfur dioxide.
(2) the soda drinks: add sorbic acid according to the proportion of 0.03% to 0.04%.
(3) fresh orange juice, hawthorn juice beverages: according to the proportion of 0.02% added sorbic acid, shelf life can be extended to six months.
(4) other types of non-alcoholic beverages: add sorbic acid according to the proportion of 0.04% to 0.05%.
In the production of sweet wine, sorbic acid is often used as a preservative.Sorbic acid antibacterial effect only under the synergy of sulfur dioxide will play a more important role.Allows the use of sorbic acid in the national standard, but in use process should pay attention to the highest standard of set limit to, not to exceed bid.At the same time, pay attention to the sorbic acid and sulfur dioxide, the relationship between alcohol, so as to give full play to the sorbic acid corrosion protection.Sorbic acid is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid, non-toxic, can be fully absorbed by human body.It has a special resistance to yeast, fungus inhibitor is a kind of stability;It can restrain the breeding of grape wine yeast, when the air inhibition efficiency is higher;It can restrain the sugar fermentation of yeast ability rather than kill them.Standard GB15037-2006 "wine" in the provisions of the state's largest allowances to 200 mg/L, inspection institutions at various levels have can check out the existence of sorbic acid and determined its content.But note that some countries are not allowed to import the sorbic acid treated wine, therefore, must pay attention to when in the production of export products and understand clearly.Sorbic acid yeast resistance will be big because of the presence of ethanol To strengthen, but the sorbic acid solubility is small.We are in the process of practical production, are often faced with use of potassium sorbate.The author is according to the regulations of the standards of sorbic acid dosage, converted to the use of potassium sorbate dose, the wine has after aseptic filtration, sorbic acid and potassium sorbate recommended dosage according to liquor of different requirements listed in the table below, use as a reference to colleagues in the industry.Please note that no matter how many doses used, have no antibacterial effect of sorbic acid.Although it can avoid sweet wine fermentation again, but it cannot prevent the acetic acid bacteria pollution of wine, also cannot prevent wine lactic acid bacteria contamination.When sorbic acid disappears, the risk of bacterial contamination will multiply, at this point, the wine has a unpleasant smell, similar to that of geranium oil, because the generated ethylene glycol.Sorbic acid only under certain concentration of ethanol and certain of the presence of sulfur dioxide, to present a satisfactory results.It can strengthen the effects of the latter, but can never replace them.Sorbic acid in water solubility is not very big, it is more easily soluble form of potassium sorbate.270 g/L of potassium sorbate solution containing 200 g/L sorbic acid.Due to the low solubility of sorbic acid, must be careful when added into wine, slowly add, strong stirring, using circulating pump fully mixing.In the following conditions, sorbic acid can effectively inhibit the activation of yeast in wine:
1). According to the alcohol content and acidity with enough.
2) treated wine has been careful to clarify, do effective aseptic filtration.
3.) mixed with wine quickly and completely.
4). After treatment, the free so2 content in wine is general in 60 mg/L - 80 mg/L, enough to prevent oxidation and bacterial growth.
2. Sorbic acid in soy sauce, soy sauce products and the application of pickles.
(1)Soy sauce: in accordance with 0. 1% the proportion of added sorbic acid, 70 days are placed in high temperature season, you can make soy sauce not long mildew quality problems.
(2) the sauce products: because goods is sticky stiff, sorbic acid is not easy to evenly dispersed in it.Before users can products filling, in the case of heating, join the corresponding concentration of sorbic acid solution.
(3) soy sauce pickles: can dissolve sorbic acid in glacial acetic acid, then add the pickles, adding quantity within 1.0 g/kg, and to control the pH value between 4.0 to 4.5.
(4) the vinasse pickles: to dissolve sorbic acid in ethanol, shochu or cooking wine, then add the pickles, add quantity for 0.75 1 g/kg.
(5) the vinegar pickled vegetables: the sorbic acid directly added to the mater ial, adding amount of 0.5 g/kg.(6), beet root and other pickles pickled cucumber: can join in with salt vinegar right amount of potassium sorbate (according to the amount of 0.1% of the salt added).In order to prevent the pickle brine turbidity phenomenon, can put salt, spices, and potassium sorbate dissolved in water, then add vinegar.(7) kimchi: the amount of potassium sorbate was 0.05% - 0.07%.Potassium sorbate and salt mix first, and then into the kimchi.

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