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Food Ingredient Sucrose Stearate Ester (SE) E473

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Food Ingredient Sucrose Stearate Ester (SE) E473

Brand Name : GY

Model Number : GY-473

Certification : ISO9001

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 1 Ton

Price : USD 2.3/KGS

Payment Terms : L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability : 30000mt/Year

Packaging Details : 5*5kg/Bag, 5*5kg/Drum, 25kg/Bag, 25kg/Drum

Packaging Material : Paper

Storage Method : Normal

Shelf Life : >12 Months

Resource : Natural

Property : Non-ionic Emulsifiers

HS Code : 3402130000

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White to yellow powder, or colorless to slightly yellow viscous liquid or soft solid, no odor or a little special odor. Soluble in ethanol, acetone. Mono ester soluble in hot water, but two ester or three ester is difficult to dissolve in water. The higher the content of the single ester, the more hydrophilic, the more the content of the two and the three, the stronger the affinity. It generally has no obvious melting point, stable at 120 degrees Celsius, heated to 145 degrees Celsius on the decomposition.
According to the number of esterification of sucrose hydroxyl can be obtained by hydrophobic to hydrophilic different HLB values (1 ~ 16) sucrose fatty acid ester series products (as pictured to the right). Has the surface activity, can reduce the surface tension, at the same time has the good emulsification, the dispersion solubilization, the lubrication, the penetration, the bubble, the viscosity adjustment, prevents the aging, the antibacterial and so on the performance. Softening point 50 to 70 degrees Celsius, the decomposition temperature of 23 ~ 238. A rotation. Heat can be heated by acid or alkali.

Purpose:Emulsifier, can also be used as preservative. High quality sucrose fatty acid ester is a kind of good food emulsifier. For meat products, emulsion flavor, fruit and eggs preservation, candy, etc.. According to China's "food additive food health standards" (6 GB2760-19): sucrose fatty acid esters can be used for meat, sausages, emulsified flavor, fruit and freshness of eggs, ice cream, candy, bread, and 1.5g/kg; emulsification natural pigment, 10 g / kg.

Usage method:
1 the degree of esterification of sucrose fatty acid ester can affect the equilibrium value of its hydrophilic and lipophilic balance (HLB).
2 when the concrete is used, the sucrose ester is generally mixed with a small amount of water (or oil, ether, etc.), and then the water (oil, alcohol, etc.) is added into the water (oil, ethanol, etc.).
Heat, the sucrose esters are fully dissolved and dispersed.
3 sucrose ester HLB value can be adjusted by the content of a single ester, two esters and three esters, a wide range of applications, almost all of the oil containing food, the specific application is as follows:
(1) for meat products, surimi products, can improve the moisture content and product taste, the amount of 0.3% ~ 1% (HLB1 ~ 16).
(2) used for baking food, dough increased toughness, increases the product volume, so that the pores fine, uniform, soft texture, prevent aging, dosage is 0.2% of the flour ~ 0.5%.
(3) used in biscuits, cakes, can make fat emulsion stability, prevent precipitation, improve the quality of products, the amount of 0.1% ~ 0.5% (HLB7).
(4) for chocolate, can inhibit crystallization, prevent frost. Dosage 0.2% ~ 1% (HLB value 3 ~ 9).
(5) for bubble gum to easy kneading, improve the sense of chewing, improve the flavor, soft degree, adding amount of gum base of 0.1% ~ 0.2% (HLB value of 5 ~ 1).
(6) for ice cream, increase the emulsification and dispersion, improve the ratio of volume, improved thermal stability, formability and taste. For grease, 1% ~ 10%.
(7) for milk, whipped cream in a stable emulsion, can prevent water separation, improve the expansive force of cream. Dosage of 0.1% ~ 0.5% (HLB1 ~ 16).
(8) for the use of artificial cream, which can improve the compatibility of cream and water, and is effective in the prevention of. Dosage 0.1% ~ 0.5% (HLB1 ~ 3).
(9) for the emulsion essence, the solid essence, the most suitable for the stability of lemon oil, orange oil, grape oil emulsion, to prevent the loss of flavor products. Dosage of 0.5% ~ 0.2% (HLB7 ~ 16).
(10) for the preservation of poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables, the film has an antibacterial effect, keep fruits and vegetables fresh, and extend the storage period. Dosage of 0.3% ~ 2.5% (HLB5 ~ 16).

Consumption:For meat, sausages, emulsified flavor, fruit and freshness of eggs, ice cream, candy, bread, rice pudding, beverage, maximum usage of 1.5g/kg; used to emulsify natural pigment, maximum usage of 10 g / kg; candy, chocolate and chocolate products, 10g / kg. In addition, this product can be used for chewing gum ingredients.

Sucrose ester special type of ice cream:
Sucrose fatty acid ester is a high quality white sugar and natural animal and plant extraction of edible oil through esterification of the combination, for the harmless, non-toxic, no smell of food additives. Its white to light yellow powder, with emulsifying, dispersing, wetting and other excellent properties. As a kind of nonionic surfactant, widely used in food processing industry.
1, the use of models: SE-1 ~ SE-15
2, recommended the use of: 0.2% ~ 0.3% (relative total weight)
3, using the method: with a small amount of warm water to join the product and fully stirring to fully swell after the addition of mixing tank, do not change the original production process.
4, use: a) improved mixing characteristics, improve the emulsion stability and dispersion; b) product smooth, good taste;
C) to promote the fat ball in the mixture evenly spread, prevent agglomeration; adjust the appropriate expansion rate, improve thermal stability, formability.

Special sucrose fatty acid ester of cake oil (artificial cream):
Sucrose fatty acid ester is a special type of sucrose fatty acid ester using high quality white sugar and natural plants and animals extracted from the edible oil through esterification. It is a kind of nonionic surfactant. Its characteristics are: make the artificial cream or cake oil can maintain a uniform color, strong stability, long time storage or long-distance transport and precipitation.
1, the use of models: Artificial Cream special type
2, recommended the use of: 0.8% ~ 1% (relative total weight)
3, the use of the method: the required sucrose ester with an amount of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius hot water fully dissolved in the water phase component, and then the normal production process can be operated.
4, the use of effects: a) improve the quality of artificial cream stability, so that it is consistent with a uniform light yellow;
B) the cream products fine uniform texture, surface clean, neat section, fine and uniform microstructure, without water drops, without air chamber, no impurities, no mildew, margarine salt salt crystal retention.

Sucrose esters of vegetable protein drink:
The product is white powder, with excellent properties such as emulsifying, dispersing, wetting and so on.
Application: coconut milk, walnut milk, coffee milk tea, milk drinks, etc.
Function: to improve the emulsifying stability of vegetable protein beverage, prolong the stability time of the emulsion, make the beverage state even, avoid the appearance of fat floating, and improve the sensory quality of the beverage.

Application of sucrose fatty acid ester products and its effect:
Can be used as emulsifier, wetting agent, dispersing agent, solubilizing agents and emollients and application in noodle instant noodles starchy, chocolate candy, ice cream, margarine products such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry as an emulsifier.
Bread: dough increased toughness and the soft products, pore, uniform and fine, saving the amount of butter, keep moisture, prevent aging and prolong shelf life.
Cookies: enable various additives and the grease evenly distributed, improve the effect of fat pastry, cookies too much fat grams prevent bloom, improve the performance of the inner layer, increase the brittleness.
Cake category: make products soft and delicate, to maintain a certain moisture, taste fresh, stable organizational structure, to prevent oil oxidation.

Remark: 1 uniform fine granular 2 mobility good 3 not agglomerate 4 no dust

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